Jennifer Hook

Jennifer Hook - Director of Photography: video and film production

Jennifer Hook: Director

Emerson Heights


Jennifer's extensive experience as a cinematographer naturally led her to pursue a path in directing

and she made her feature debut with the romantic drama "Emerson Heights"



With two seasons of the web series comedy "Roommates" under her belt, Jennifer has logged many hours developing the craft of directing.

Belts, Bras, and Packing Tape


Jennifer directed her first horror short "Belts, Bras, and Packing Tape" in 2018. This short is also a commentary on the every day fears women deal with, and the title is based on an article in the Chicago Tribune about 75 women strangled or smothered in the city in the last 17 years using "belts, bras, ropes, packing tape or their bare hands."


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